Matthew da Silva
Timeline Gradient
Artist and Poet

Color as a plot device

Colour as a plot device helps viewers observe the process and inner workings of the artist’s final palette. This work does not focus on any single outcome and avoids prescriptive statements allowing the viewer to observe mechanics, patterns, and techniques of total colour. Digital imagery is used in the production process, the work is then altered, collaged, reduced. The manufacturer’s process is partially discarded then colour planes and shapes remain on display. Participation from the audience lies between colour and subject. Remnants of subject remain in the work but serve as packaging for creative techniques abounding in pure colour that comes close to the domain of existential meaning.
Image 1
Abstract set
Image 2
Color as a plot device
Image 3
Image 4
Crime drama
Image 5
Flying insect
Image 6
I am coming from
Image 7
Japanese saying
Image 7
A scene from the show I
Image 7
A scene from the show II
Image 7
A scene from the show III