Matthew da Silva
Timeline Gradient
Artist and Poet

The dark side

In this image there are eight artworks hanging on a yellowish coloured concrete wall in an art gallery. In the top row, there are two artworks. The one on the left is a figurative oil painting of a very slim body of a human, probably an old man, sitting on a rock with his knees bent and close to his belly. His head falling towards his knees. The painting has blue tones and is characterised by spikes around the man. The second one is a collage created by Matthew da Silva, comprising four six photographs aligned in three by two table. The centre column depicts a woman on top gazing at something or someone, and the bottom one depicts a man talking to someone on his cellphone. These two photographs are taken from a TV show. The middle row shows three artworks, the first is an oil painting of a big sweet looking crab. On its back, rocks of various shape are depicted with a perspective and extends beyond the frame of the painting. The middle painting in the second row is a painting of a wooden chair tangled by its own sections or a long curving piece of wood.