CMS User Manual
CMS User Manual for Authors and Approvers
This is the first page of a two-page table of contents for the 96-page content management system (CMS) manual.

Table items reflect section headings in the manual.

A short introduction to the manual, 'Understanding the CMS' on page 4 is complemented by a list of advantages to be derived from using the CMS.

Page 5 has an overview of typical elements of a Sydney University web page.

The university uses a standard layout and design template for all web pages that are made using the CMS.

Page 12 shows typical, step-wise instructions to do something in the CMS.

There are two separate instructions on this page.

Each instruction has numbered steps that correspond to labels in the accompanying image.

On the next page (p 13) is a note describing some typical graphical icons used in the CMS.

The note also summarises in a list the folders that are found in this branch of the CMS.