FlexSIS Help Website
FlexSIS help website
Help pages are themed. The blue links in the page's main body area are actions that are listed in order following the order of actions in flowcharts (made using Visio).

Flowchart thumbnails at the top of the page are also links.

Website main section page example

Clicking on one of these links causes the flowchart to open in a new window.

In the flowchart are boxes for each action to be performed to complete the process. The boxes are also links.

A workflow appears when link is clicked

Or you can click on the link for an action in the list. This causes a JavaScript popup to appear. The popup contains a help script. Help script popup appears when link is clicked

Help scripts provide detailed instructions on doing the action clicked on.

I wrote hundreds of help scripts like this for processes ranging from admissions to enrolments and from financial administration to scholarship recipient management.

Development of new software modules was done in-house.

Help script