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Good Fruit and Vegetables is a publication of Rural Press, Australia's largest publisher of regional and agricultural news and information.

January 2012

Pyroligneous acid: a softer option for growers?

Pyroligneous acid is a byproduct of the biochar manufacturing process and it can be used to help crops fight diseases. Matthew da Silva talks with Ray O'Grady of Lismore and two farmers using the additive.

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The National Times was relaunched in 2009 and features analysis, commentary and opinion from Fairfax Media's established print and online mastheads.

November 2009

Boozy culture nothing new at university colleges

Residential colleges present a strange conundrum. They offer an idyllic retreat from the pressures of city life, right next-door to the university campus. But they also seem to breed bad behaviour. Matthew da Silva attended a well-known college for a year as an undergraduate.

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Ethical Investor sets the agenda, facilitates thought-leadership and builds audiences for Australian business and investors in the sustainability arena.

February 2011

Water torture brings flood of innovation

Drought prone Australia has been pumping out water technology innovators, but some investors see them as niche and are keen to see scale. Story by Matthew da Silva.

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Anthill magazine was launched in 2003 to cater for demand for entertaining business news.

May 2010

If the shoe fits: the precarious world of the online custom cobbler

It is not every day that a blokey developer quits his day job to sell custom-designed shoes online. In fact, such a move might seem like entrepreneurial madness. Matthew da Silva talks to Mike Knapp, co-founder of Shoes of Prey.

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Sydney Alumni Magazine reaches the University of Sydney's 170,000 alumni.

July 2011

Turning up the heat

A university Bachelor of Horticultural Science graduate who studied chillies for his thesis has helped growers develop the world's hottest chilli. Matthew da Silva reports.

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