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My news stories, feature articles and opinion pieces have appeared in a range of niche, industry and general interest publications. Refresh the page for a different selection of stories.

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Australian Geographic is the nation's foremost geographical destination magazine.

January 2012

Archer Russell: Australia's unknown literary great

He literally wrote the book on solitary bushwhacking in the 20th century. Meet Archer Russell.

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Anthill magazine was launched in 2003 to cater for demand for entertaining business news.

October 2009

Young entrepreneurs of the world, unite!

You don't have to be a Vulcan to grok the good stuff that can come out of an international mind-meld as big as Global Entrepreneurship Week. Matthew da Silva sits down with the organisers and profiles some inspiring young entrepreneurial attendees.

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The National Times was relaunched in 2009 and features analysis, commentary and opinion from Fairfax Media's established print and online mastheads.

February 2010

Bloggers beware of unfair dealing

Will scraping erode the future of news? It's about time, after all, to think about what will happen when the paywalls go up.

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Ethical Investor sets the agenda, facilitates thought-leadership and builds audiences for Australian business and investors in the sustainability arena.

February 2011

Water torture brings flood of innovation

Drought prone Australia has been pumping out water technology innovators, but some investors see them as niche and are keen to see scale. Story by Matthew da Silva.

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Good Fruit and Vegetables is a publication of Rural Press, Australia's largest publisher of regional and agricultural news and information.

October 2010

On scent of success

Vanillin is the major component of the vanilla bean, a tropical orchid native to Mexico. Australia imports almost all its cured vanilla, but a local project aims to grow vanilla beans and tailor them for different markets. Matthew da Silva reports.

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