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Ethical Investor sets the agenda, facilitates thought-leadership and builds audiences for Australian business and investors in the sustainability arena.

April 2012

National regulations for nonprofits appears imminent

The federal government is on track to set up a new framework to handle not-for-profits, along with a new approach to assessing eligibility for tax examptions. Story by Matthew da Silva and Michael Walsh.

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Good Fruit and Vegetables is a publication of Rural Press, Australia's largest publisher of regional and agricultural news and information.

March 2012

Biomass processor ushers in future profitability

An innovative biomass processor developed by a Townsville engineer may lead to higher returns for cane farmers, but there is potential for fruit and vegetables too. Matthew da Silva drove to North Queensland to find out more.

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Australian Farm Journal, a Rural Press publication, was the nation's farm business magazine. The final issue was published in June 2012.

February 2012

Cost still an issue, but interest in biochar for soil health grows

This month Matthew da Silva talks with three Australian biochar suppliers, focusing especially on their target markets and the marketing strategies they employ.

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Process and Control Engineering is a Reed Business Information publication. Reed is Australia's leading and largest B2B publisher and information provider.

August 2011

Rapid recovery for flood-hit pumps

The South East Queensland flood affected huge areas of residential and rural land, including the Gatton operations of vegetable grower Barden Produce. Looses were huge, but staff got the facility up and running again in a week, writes Matthew da Silva.

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G Magazine, Australia's #1 consumer sustainability title, operates G Online.

May 2010

A salty problem for urban houses

The Murray-Darling River Basin has had its fair share of salinity problems, but it seems that salty issues are affecting homes as well. Houses in city areas are at risk of something called 'urban salinity', a salty problem that could, like a cancer, spread through the foundations of homes.

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