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Lest we forget about indigenous disadvantage


In October, some medals turned up in a Melbourne rubbish tip. They belonged to a miner, Edward Ernest Leonard Kimberly, who died “for king and country” in France in 1916. The story engages us unreflectingly, but if it’s good enough for The Australian it’s good enough for Joe Blow. The ANZAC legend is always newsworthy

The iPad may alter the landscape for news producers

news producers

Tech fans were on the edge of their seats as Thursday’s anticipated news of Apple’s new tablet device approached the desktop and the laptop. The iPad is expected to usher in a new era of consumption for media companies. The New York Times made some organisational changes in advance of the Apple launch, although executives

Boozy culture nothing new at university colleges


Residential colleges present a strange conundrum. Their outward face is serene, as I discovered when taking a Chinese friend, Mingming Feng, on a tour of my old alma mater last year. We took in St John’s and ended up on City Road inside the grounds of St Paul’s. She was impressed: “The atmosphere there is